Don Crupi Promotions. Your Stealth Marketing™ Specialist!

The shameless art of self promotion continues to grow businesses directly and indirectly. There is no doubt. It is a certainty.

Keepsakes, “leave behinds”, thank-you’s, reminders and incentives all build new customers, build loyalty with existing customers or entices them to order more from you more often.

There is nothing so enduring as your custom embellished item in the hands of your customer or prospect. Just like leaving your phone number to a prospective date.

Although we may at times miss out at creating a good first impression, custom embellished promotional products create a great lasting impression.

At Don Crupi Promotions you will find help with some interesting promotional product pieces. But items and ideas continue to change moment by moment, we help you customize your own special needs.

We are at your service to discuss with you how you can promote and increase your revenue with the shameless art of seducing prospects into customers/clients.

The art of seduction is the core mission of advertising.

Do not hesitate to call 1.866.269.6156

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