Westwood Sports

Westwood Sports has been in the sporting goods business for over 50 years. With a passion that can only be found in a family run business, we specialize in hockey, figure skating, lacrosse, baseball, and softball.

We have become the place to go by offering a level of service that the big box stores can’t match. We offer all of the latest products from the major manufactures, at competitive prices. With our MVP loyalty program, our customers really feel a part of our business.

Our commitment to youth sponsorship makes us a unique business within the community. From the very beginning, over fifty years ago, parents have found our logo on the backs of their kid’s jerseys. We like to think that we have been a part of the success of many groups and programs; for they have certainly been a part of ours.

So stop in and check us out. If you are looking for a place with really big TVs and flashy lights don’t bother. We would much rather take the time to outfit your child correctly and help you understand the purchase you are making. If things go well, we would like to welcome you to our family.

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