Pegg Products LLC

Family owned and operated, PEGG Products is a full service branded product marketing implementation specialist. We feel that through properly chosen branded products, we can you properly execute your marketing plan. Branded products are a great way to make sure that your potential and current clients are constantly engaged in your brand. We work very closely with your marketing team and budget to deliver the best products so that your clients will stay engaged.

At our facilities we offer a variety of garment decoration techniques from embroidery to heat transfer processes. By having onsite garment decoration we are able to focus on orders directly. We have found that direct control of the garment decoration process can give us the edge with pricing as well as the possibility of rushing orders should the client have a short timetable.

When you interact with PEGG Products we illustrate how properly placed branded products can benefit your brands overall goal. By choosing PEGG Products we will make sure that when you give a client one of our products it will be used and not find its way to the trash or the back of the closet. Give your clients corporate keepsakes not giveaways.


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