Images of Best Week Ever cube


Client:  AMC Theatres

Project:  Best Week Ever

Client Need:

Our client, AMC Theatres, had just finished their best week ever and had
broken records for the most revenue in a single week. Both the Executive Team and Human Resources Department decided they needed a way to congratulate their field level employees on a job well done. They wanted an item to be commemorative and something that their employees could keep either on their desk or in a highly visible place so that they could remember the occasion.

In addition to needing assistance in locating the right product, they needed the item FAST. Their BEST WEEK EVER had already occurred two weeks prior and they did not want to lose momentum in recognizing the accomplishment.

Our Solution:

After reviewing the client’s situation, we were able to find a product that allowed them to “say” everything they wanted to say, was very unique, and would stay on the recipient’s desk for a long time after the event. Branding Stop was able to locate the product from 3 different sources,
clarify which source would meet AMC’s needs, and get the order placed and delivered within 5 days.

The Result:

The 3 Dimensional Photo Cubes were shiped and delivered to over 300 movie theatre locations within a week after the order was placed. AMC was able to swiftly commemorate an event that was extremely special to all involved and able to accomplish it in a time frame that allowed the
success NOT to be forgotten!!