AMC Custom Hats


Client:  AMC Theatres

Project:  Custom Hats

Client Need:

For the company store that Branding Stop hosts online, AMC Theatres wanted to offer a couple ball caps that were fully branded with AMC.  These caps were something that individual employees could order for themselves or mananagers could purchase for a wide variety of projects, the caps needed to be generic but fully decked out with AMC’s branding.

Our Solution:

Utilizing our relationship with our overseas hat manufacturer, we decided to build that hats from scratch.  Going fully custom gave our designers the freedom to splash AMC’s corporate identity all throughout the headwear.  Since we had at least 3 months available to produce the caps, we knew this no limit solution would be the best route to build a great cap at a very low price!

The Result:

The results were two caps that were full of the fun corporate identy of AMC Theatres. The colors, labels, embroidery, and everything shouted out the AMC brand!
The caps included:

  • AMC logo in 3D Puff Embroidery
  • Logo sewn into Sandwich Piping
  • Custom designed trim & piping using AMC’s Pantone Red
  • AMC Logo used on inside taping
  • Sewn in private label to make the hat truly AMC’s own!
  • Logo sewn into back closure
  • 3D Rubberized PVC designed for the AMC Circle logo

All this was done at the fraction of the cost of a standard domestic cap!