London in the street

 London in the street London in the street London in the street

Client:  A national life insurance company

Project:  Umbrellas featuring map of London

Client Need:

A national life insurance company sent their top agents on an incentive trip to London, England. As everyone knows, London can be a pretty wet place. So an obvious gift to include in the agents swag bag when they arrived was an umbrella. The client wanted the umbrella to commemorate their time their in The Big Smoke. So what better way to remember London with their umbrella than to put London in their umbrella!? So they asked Branding Stop for an umbella that could be completely customized on the inside to include a full color map of London.

Our Solution:

Branding Stop got to work right away. First by locating the best umbrella for their budget and needs. And then our graphic design team got to work on the umbrella graphic. After reviewing the list of attractions that the agents were scheduled to visit, we zoomed in on the appoximate square mile of the city that would capture most of these sites. Then we went to work creating the graphic in an appealing, easy to read map of this area along with icons pointing to the attractions on their iteniry.

The Result:

They're Umbrella Maps are ready to go. The client didn't have to spend time on providing all the time consuming, complicated artwork. All they had to do is tell us what they were looking for. Not only will the agents stay dry when the visit the city, but they can refer to the very accurate map right above their head in case they end up lost!