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Mary Star of the Prairie


Client:  Archdiocese of Kansas City

Project:  Prairie Star Ranch Signage

Client Need:

The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas has many camps and youth events at it’s Prairie Star Ranch. This camp has been established for a while, but they were needing to communicate many different things at different areas of the camp and they also wanted to keep a nice, professional image. They needed help with designing the signs and also in selecting the appropriate type of material and construction of the signs for the given areas they would each be displayed.

Our Solution:

After learning where signs would be displayed and what ultimately needed to be communicated in these specific areas, Branding Stop turned it’s In-House graphic designer loose in creating visually appealing signage for each need.

The Result:

Prairie Star Ranch had a fresh, new, professional image for families to see from the minute the pulled in. And the camp was able to run smoothly since everything that needed to be known at specific areas was clearly communicated.