Carrie at the Royals game

Carrie Peterson - President

Carrie has a gift that has helped her and her clients, most of whom come to call her a friend.  This gift is the ability to get to the bottom things.  It's a curiousity that she has about other people, their goals, and what drives them.  It's not agenda driven, it comes from a geniune interest that she has in other people.  But it translates into her being able to really help them.  This is what has allowed her to become one of the top women in the Promotional Product industry.

Her main focus is in the following areas: Animal Health, Financial, Education, & Healthcare.  But she has also been successful helping organizations in other arenas such as technology, education, non-profit, and construction.

Besides being the chief executive in a multi-million dollar company and its top sales producer, Carrie is also a successful wife and mother of two.  Her boys, Owen and Tucker, are often spotted in the Branding Stop offices driving revenue to their little pet entrepreneurial projects.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.



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