DMI 10 Year Magnet Board



Client: Design Mechanical, Inc.

Project: 10 Year Anniversary Promotion

Client Need:

A commercial refrigeration maintenance company is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. They came to BrandingStop looking for ideas to for promotional products to achieve the following throughout the year:

•Promote their 10 year anniversary to clients
•Communicate all the various services they provide to their clients.
•Build up enthusiasm for their Anniversary Party

The client had a budget of around $25 - $30 per person for 300 of their top clients. They originally came to Branding Stop asking for ideas for promotional products that they could send out once a month for the 9 months from January to September since the party was to be held in September. They idea was to use this anniversary as a reason to educate their clients on the many things they can do for them.

Our Solution:

Instead of proposing that the client use 9 different unrelated products to promote this theme throughout the year, Branding Stop suggested something that tied together into one full set by sending 9 different pieces. Our design teamed created a Puzzle made from acrylic magnets that fit together to make the shape of the number “10”. The first month (January), Design Mechanical sent out a package that contained an aluminum base with the magnet outline and company logo screen printed on it. With that first mailing, they also sent the first of nine magnets. Also included in the initial mailing was a letter announcing their anniversary party coming in September.

Each month leading up to the anniversary party, a new magnet was sent featuring a milestone in the company’s growth or a different service that the company provided. All 9 of the magnets put together at the end of the campaign formed a giant number “10”.

Then, at the end of the campaign, if the client came to the party with the full puzzle put together they would receive a special gift.

The Result:

Design Mechanical, Inc. was able to tell their story (the evolution of their business over their 10 year existence).

The clients were able to learn something new about Design Mechanical’s capabilities each month that the new magnet was sent.

Everyone is very well informed about the Anniversary Party and incentivised to collect all magnets and show up to the event.