KCPD Mugs Title


Client:  Kansas City Police Department

Project:  New Metro Station Commemorative Mugs

Client Need:

The Kansas City Police Department decided to do a coffee mug gift at their opening of a couple new buildings.  The mug was to be a keepsake for the people who attended so their idea was that the mug would commemorate the event.

Our Solution:

The best way to commemorate the openings of new buildings was to show the actual buildings on the mug. There are several ways that this could be accomplished. A few of them include doing a full color photograph imprint of the building. However, we wanted to with a richer, more classic method so that the mug would have wider appeal. We recommended a DEEP ETCH imprint.

Then next step was getting a graphic that was a one solid color that would be simple enough for the Deep Etching process. So, by using the pictures provided by the KCPD, our graphic design deep creating simplified drawings that our mug decorators could use for deep etching.

The Result:

The final product was a classic black mug with a subtle but distinct graphic etched in so that the event was properly commemorated.  This simple little promotional giveaway became a Police colector’s piece by going the extra mile in getting the building images into a decoration method that fit the product!

Mugs Detailed Process Description