Original Statue and Miniature Replica

Client:  Kansas City Police Department

Project:  KCPD Historical Society Miniature Replica Statue

Client Needed:

The Kansas City Police Department was referred to Branding Stop after
deciding that they wanted to reproduce a replica of a historical statue
that had been outside of their headquarters for many years. This statue
was originally erected to commemorate the lives of police officers who
had lost their lives in the line of duty.

The Historical Society for the Police Department wanted to have miniature
statues that could be sold as a fundraiser for their programs.

Our Solution:

Branding Stop enlisted the help of their supplier, RS OWENS (the
same award-maker that provides to Oscars to the Academy in Hollywood)
and hired a sculpture to re-create the statue by actually sculpting it
from clay, and then they were able to make a mold and duplicate the
statue as seen in the image on far right of this page.

The Result:

KCPD Historical Society were amazed at how closely we were able to
duplicate the statue by simply looking at a photograph. And LOVED the
finish product.

Details of Statue Result