Labconco Lab-B-Que Rug with Label


Client:  Labconco

Project:  "Lab-B-Que" BBQ Rub

Client Needed:

Labconco (KC-based lab equipment company) needed a fun, creative promotional product to use at tradeshows for the purspose of generating traffic to their booth.  The were wanting to do something that communicated something memorable about their company.

Our Solution:

Since Labconco is a Kansas City based business, there was a fun theme right under their nose that would help the tradeshow attendees remember them. Kansas City’s recognition as having the country’s best BBQ, this provided a great opportunity to give out something that everyone was sure to love enough to take hope with them -- BBQ Rub!

Branding Stop teamed up with one of specialty food suppliers that packaged the delicious Mesquite BBQ rub in a tube featuring the LAB-B-QUE themed label.

The Result:

The Hot Mesquite BBQ Rub made Labconco the HOT topic of the lab industries tradeshow season!