Energy Shot


Project:  RUSHED Energy Shots

Client Needed:

A large ad agency had an event they were doing for one of their clients that was 2 business days out. With this short window of time left, they decided to include an energy drink branded with their campaign message for this client (O’Reilly Auto Parts). They had an idea of what they wanted to do, but only had to days to find the product, print and attach the labels, and deliver the energy drinks to their event.

That’s where Branding Stop came in!!

Our Solution:

Branding Stop has a list of VIP suppliers and manufacturers that we know will always come through in a crunch when our clients need it. And wouldn’t you know it, one of those suppliers carried the Energy Drink that SMG needed for their event.

The Branding Stop, whose always ready and anticipating these types of URGENT projects that clients can’t always avoid, jumped on it and partnered with this supplier to make it happen!

The Result:

The project landed on Branding Stop’s door on a Thursday afternoon. But the professionally printed, great tasting, energy boosting drinks arrived at O’Reilly’s managers conference on Monday morning!

The client was happy. O’Reilly was happy. And BrandingStop got to play the “HERO” which always makes us happy!!

Do you have an opportunity for us to play “HERO”?