Your Source for SYD Promotional Products!

Are you looking to order for personal use?  STOP!  Please use the MyApparel site for the employee company store.

Customer appreciation.  Door prizes.  Donations.  Christmas gifts.

Whether you’re looking for items to reward customers or to simply have a supply on-hand for occasional requests, this new and easy-to-use online ordering system allows you to stock up on all of your everyday promotional product needs!

The selection in the PromoWarehouse will be constantly updated with new and familiar products both year-round and seasonally.  Here is an overview of the program: 

  1. The PromoWarehouse is for SYD use only.  Access to this store is not to be shared with customers, vendors or any non-staff person.
  2. Accounts are issued to Outside Sales, Branch Managers, and certain specialists.  All inside sales and counter sales who are looking for items found on this store should see their branch manager.
  3. Items can only be purchased using the "store credit" that is applied to your account.  
  4. At any time if more credit is needed, email Marketing with your request.
  5. Account balance is located in the upper right corner of the site.
  6. Product is being stored and orders will be processed by a third-party fulfillment center in Kutztown, PA.
  7. Orders will be accumulated and processed at the end of each week.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery from date of order placement.
  8. Items will be shipped via UPS Ground unless other arrangements are made.
  9. Note: SYD is charged a pulling fee for each order placed.  Make sure you plan ahead and create an order that will support your needs over a longer period of time to avoid placing frequent, smaller orders.
  10. Some items have minimum order requirements due to packaging.
  11. Items in the store have already been produced and are not able to be customized or changed in any way. 
  12. If you have specific needs outside of the standard offering, please contact a member of the SYD Marketing Team.

We hope you enjoy using this handy marketing tool.  If you should have any suggestions or questions, please contact a member of the SYD Marketing Team.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!