Code of Conduct


As a function of our Code of Conduct, all facilities used to produce merchandise for our company will be able to demonstrate compliance through documentation and management practices in the following areas: (As our business partner, we require manufacturers to provide access to our staff and representatives for monitoring and evaluating these areas.)



Child Labor

·         No individual will be allowed to work without legal identification and age certification.

·         No legal working minor will be allowed to work in a hazardous job.

  • No individual below the compulsory schooling age or 15, whichever is higher, will be offered employment, an apprenticeship, internship or training.


Forced Labor

  • All individuals have the right to accept or reject employment.
  • All individuals have the right to leave work premises at the end of a regularly-scheduled shift.
  • All individuals are compensated for their work.


Health and Safety

  • A safe and healthful work environment is provided.



Freedom of Association

  • All individuals have the right to have their interests as an employee represented to management.



  • Factors of race, religion, age, nationality, social or ethnic origin, gender, political opinion and disability will not be considered in management decisions.
  • All positions are freely offered on the basis of qualifications.



  • Financial penalties will not be used as discipline for rule infractions.
  • Corporal punishment is not permitted.


Harassment and Abuse 

  • Neither physical nor mental abuse will be tolerated.
  • Verbal abuse is not permitted.


Working Hours

  • Manufacturer employs proper production planning techniques to ensure working hours are within legal guidelines.
  • All working hours and overtime are to be accurately captured.
  • All individuals are to be provided one day off in seven consecutive days.


Wages and Compensation

  • All individuals are paid at least the published legal minimum wage for regularly scheduled work and an overtime premium where required by law.
  • All legally required benefits are paid.
  • All legally required leaves are provided and/or compensated.


Environmental Quality


  • Manufacturer will maintain all appropriate licensing.
  • Manufacturer will employ monitoring mechanisms for effluents and emissions.