Blue Dimension helps clients build their brand, not just their business. Simply building a business is a thing of the past. There are more products and services than stars in the sky. But how long are they going to last? For a brand to be sustainable it has to have a clear vision, a big reason for being, and a meaningful purpose for an audience with whom it resonates. But most importantly, it needs a loyal following for it to last year after year.

The one thing that will constantly distinguish your brand from others is the quality of your relationships. We bring many capabilities to the table for our clients to have a successful and meaningful brand. Not only are we adept at coaching our clients to clarity of purpose in defining their brand purpose, vision and mission, we offer real expertise in providing highly effective marketing strategies, utilizing the appropriate communications and programs to bond relationships and build sustainable brand loyalty.

We make it easy to be attentive, thoughtful and creative about the quality and frequency of your communications. To regularly send valuable information to your prospects, clients and employees to help them prosper. Commemorate important dates, anniversaries, birthdays, milestones and more. Send inspiring gifts or greetings that remind them of your mutual commitment to quality, service, teamwork, integrity and loyalty. Or simply say “thank you” in unexpected ways.

We help you leverage these “touch points” by helping you set up a system to take specific and consistent actions – which will turn your relationships into loyal clients, employees, and ambassadors who help you exponentially grow your business.

Business Growth Coaching

If you’re looking to make a significant change in your business and you want to be re-ignited in the way you show up in your business and life or desire more meaning and impact in creating a bigger vision or success, hiring a coach is the most effective way to transform you and your business.

Our passion is your vision. We love helping our clients become the greatest version of themselves as conscious business leaders, regardless of what stage they are with their business. As your coach we address many aspects, from leadership to planning, branding, relationships and systems.


Defining your brand values and mission are the single most important decisions your company can make. A brand must have heart, meaning and resonate with those it wants to serve with differentiation. If the vision isn’t clear or the strategy is off purpose, the brand and marketing communications will not be effective no matter how much money you spend or how great the creative output. We stress the importance of a brand that is authentic, can be quickly understood and resonates with its intended audience.

Marketing Planning

A marketing plan is a blueprint that outlines your full marketing strategy for your brand. It includes whom you are marketing to, how you market to them, and the strategies you will use to connect with your various audiences and attract sales. The goal of the marketing plan is to outline how you present your products and services to your target market. We have helped many businesses both small and large prepare an insightful, workable plan, which provides a sound foundation and clear actionable steps to follow.

Relationship-Marketing Programs

Create bonding relationships to exponentially grow your business today, tomorrow and forever. A well-planned relationship-marketing program, builds stronger business relationship bonds increases loyalty and grows sales. We live and work in a competitive environment. Chances are, others offer products or services that are similar to yours. All other things being equal, the one thing that will constantly distinguish you from them is the quality of your relationships. That’s where we can really give you an edge.

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