Thinking about ordering from Chandler Marketing?
Since you may not have ordered from Chandler Marketing previously, please allow me to tell you about the service you'll receive from the start, and which you can expect from Chandler Marketing every time you order!
If your order is placed on our web site, you will initially receive an automated confirmation of the order. It is only to let you know that your order came through the system. After that, usually within 24-48 hours (Weekends Excluded) you will receive a detailed Acknowledgement listing each item ordered along with related item/production costs like set-ups, options, etc. Your acknowledgement will be accompanied by a digital “Proof Copy” for each item ordered, as described below.
--If you place your order offline, such as by Telephone, Text, or direct Email, that initial confirmation will not be sent, but you'll still receive the detailed acknowledgment and proof, again, usually within 24 to 48 hours of order placement. (Weekends Excluded)
All of our partner suppliers and printers require vector artwork. IF you have vector artwork available, that’s great, but if you don’t have vector art, don’t worry about it... We can usually get your non-vector images converted for you, and there is very rarely any charge to you. It’s just part of the Value-Added service provided in effort to make your experience with Chandler Marketing simple, easy, and pleasant.
--Option 1. When you select items that you want to order, and then click "ADD TO CART" to continue, most item pages will then advance to a page wherein you can add imprint information and notes. That page also offers the ability to Upload Artwork (such as your logo) if you want to do so. From there you can advance to "Checkout" and when we receive your order, we will also receive the accompanying art file that you uploaded. If you are ordering multiple items that use the same LOGO, you can upload the logo on any one item, and just fill out the text part of the imprint for each item if said text changes from one item to another.
--Option 2. Alternatively, You can submit your art logo by clicking on the "UPLOAD ART" link on the topmost menu bar on any page of the web site.\
--Option 3. If you prefer, you may EMAIL the logo directly to:
Once I have formatted your artwork properly for imprinting on the item you’ve ordered, I’ll send you a digital “Proof Copy” to review. This enables you to see what your product will look like and determine if any changes or corrections are needed. Your proof copy, in PDF format, will include a link to our online form where you’ll be asked to either approve the order or request corrections or adjustments. If for some reason the pdf/weblink does not work properly, you can use the “Approve My Order” link at (Link is in topmost menu bar on any page) - If changes are needed, I will provide you a revised proof. The main point is that I won’t release your order for production until you are satisfied with the way it is going to look.
After I enter your order with the supplier, an estimated ship date will be established. I will let you know that date along with projected delivery date.
You won’t be invoiced until your item has been produced and shipped. Terms are Net, 15 days. We sometimes bill as Net 30 with prearranged approval. In some instances we will ask for a prepayment or a deposit, but not usually. YOUR INVOICE will reflect the item cost and also the shipping charge, and any other incidental costs such as set-up, options, etc. 
*In some cases customers may be asked for prepayment or a deposit on their order. 
At your choosing and preference, you may pay by any of the following methods...
----1. Mail us your company check.
----2. Use the “Pay My Bill” form at (Link is in topmost menu bar on any page)
----3. Send payment via PayPal to and be sure to put your invoice number in the comments for reference.
----4. If you prefer you can phone me and provide your credit card info verbally, but please, don’t send CC information on voicemail or text.
And of course, please feel free to reach out to me for any assistance or clarification of any kind whenever the need arises!
Wayne Chandler
Chandler Marketing
1806 N. Central Avenue
Connersville, IN 47331

TALK or TEXT (765) 309-3579
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