Why Plush?

  1. Hits Home on an Emotional Level
  2. Delights all ages… brings out the kid in everyone
  3. Can portray or evoke a sense of humor
  4. Can be as creative as you are
  5. Multi-sensory, interactive appeal
  6. Item of Value, tends to be kept for a long time
  7. Can be collectible… has enduring potential year after year
  8. Versatile… easily fashioned to fit promotion goals:
  9. Big-Little, Collectible-Cuddly, Realistic-Whimsical, Kid-Adult, Colorful-Earthy


  1. Our incredibly engaging faces
  2. Our amazing USA-based design capabilities
  3. High quality materials and workmanship
  4. We stand behind our products and performance 100%
  5. Realistic, breed-specific dogs and cats
  6. Douglas offers more breeds in more sizes than any other plush company
  7. You would be amazed at the aggressive pricing on quantities

SUCCESS STORIES: A few examples

  • Projects brought to us by Distributors and Acct. Reps
  • Fancy Feast collectible ornament, 8th year.
  • Dana Corporation, animal for catalog 8 years.
  • Collectible Bears, Mechanic, Golfer, Fisherman, Businessman, Hunter, Racer, Biker.
  • Dunkin Donuts Koala Coolattas
  • Four Seasons Resorts
  • Hawaii, multiple locations: indigenous animals…wild donkey, whale, sea turtle, parrot, stingray, gecko
  • Arizona: coyote, rattlesnake and scorpion, gila monster, cowboy bear, horse
  • Dallas: armadillo, longhorn steer; Las Vegas, bear; Jackson Hole, Buffalo, Moose
  • Gorton’s Fisherbear
  • Blue Seal and Kent Feeds

Large Display Animals

Some examples of our work

Big Jake Bear for back to school promotion, Big Bunny for Spring Promotion.

Large display animals for new Disney movies used in stores to promote Nestle products.

Golden Retrievers wearing a bandanna printed with the Rimadyl logo in Vet offices across the country.

Giant 5′ Polar Bears in restaurants.

Pepsi Cola
Huge Snowmen and Penguins in stores with Holiday Promotions. Large Penguins and Black Labs, too!

Dr. Pepper/7-Up
Huge Jake Bears wearing a black bow tie and vest with a Schweppes logo on it.

Giant Lion as display item with office machines

And many more…