Wild Wednesday Webinar

9 days left!


July 25, 2018
11:30 am - 12:30 pm


Get In Touch! How To Use PPAI Research And Resources To Grow Your Business

speaker: Dana Geiger


Content is the new currency that drives brand engagement. It is about being a valuable resource, a trusted authority and sharing information, rather than pitching products and services. The Get In Touch!® campaign includes great content that supports your efforts to reach and engage clients and prospects—whether that content is a presentation, digital and social ads, print and video tools, a sleek infographic or a well-crafted case study. This session will focus on how to create and leverage the many forms of content to promote your business, influence word of mouth and leverage content as a value-driven differentiator. Get in touch by delivering valuable content in the right forms and places, specifically designed to communicate the power of promo to buyers everywhere.

Learning Objectives:

  • A better understanding of the Get In Touch Campaign (When and How It Evolved)
  • Access to the toolkit and resources available for use in your individual marketing
  • Why utilizing these resources will set you apart from your competition and align you as an industry powerhouse

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Tele-Coaching: The Art of Making Appointments by Telephone

23 days left!

August 8, 2018
12:30 - 1:30pm

Speaker: Joel Schaffer


In a matter of seconds, the "prospect" on the phone decides whether to grant an appointment. In a matter of seconds, a soliciting sales representative must make an overture to be seen, engage in a dialog, build a relationship and get the appointment. Luck may rule, but a well-schooled, well-prepared telephone caller can make more appointments than by pure chance.


During this session you'll learn:

  1. Expecting the Expected - 10 top reasons a prospect says no
  2. Voicemail - Foe Can Be Friend - Incoming and outgoing voicemail techniques
  3. Warm Calling - Using the mail to warm up your prospect
  4. Dissecting Your Telephone Techniques - Listening to prerecorded conversations from industry leaders
  5. Building Your Own Pitch - It's not what you say that counts, it's what you don't say


After this webinar, you'll know how to:

  1. Prepare an overture to lure the prospect
  2. Handle objections
  3. Overcome buyer resistance to the appointment
  4. Adapt vocabulary to stimulate interest
  5. Improve techniques for building rapport on the phone
  6. Increase the number of appointments made by phone