McGRAPHIX Advertising Products is an independent professional services organization, providing management of and client access to the Advertising Industry Product Network.  We team with organizations involved in Brand, Event and Message Management and expertly manage the entire production process from image preparation to printing and embroidery services and final product delivery.  McGRAPHIX works nationally with corporations and government agencies and globally with U.S. Armed Forces programs.


The Network
Our foundation is one of experience and core capabilities augmented by long-term relationships with over seventy-five major advertising product designers, manufacturers and decorators.  This significant consortium delivers both a cutting-edge product manufacturing capability and decades of professional project management expertise.  For our clients, it delivers worry-free professionally managed solutions from a broad spectrum of contemporary advertising products, meeting both performance and organizational expectations.


A Better Choice!

We place the most experienced members of the firm on the front lines with our clients.  By so doing, the best exchange of relevant ideas is made available from the project outset.  Industry advice can be comfortably exchanged to optimize the project impact.

In this purely custom business, you have one chance to get it right.  So our internal systems and those charged with overseeing them, are time tested to assure order accuracy and positive outcomes.  It’s all about managing the details. 

Since 1996, McGRAPHIX has worked globally with U.S. Armed Forces programs.  This relationship has driven our organization's development, adding significantly to our overall service and product capability.  The result is an attentiveness delivered to the needs of the client, prompt communication, world-class support and a perfectionist attitude. 


     Initial project review

     Product selection & optimization

     Customization evaluation assurance

     Pre-press management and oversight

     Production management and scheduling

     Shipment logistics, notification and tracking

     Delivery follow-up