DMS is a leading provider of Direct Marketing Communication Services.

Each year we meet with more than 1500 suppliers and attend in excess of 40 trade shows and expositions, to maintain a network and library of sources, products and contacts.

With more than 23 years experience producing Direct Mail programs, building databases (from compiling transactions and customers history to simple business card lead generation), special events and conference management, we can build your customer loyalty and business. One product or 1 million. One hundred mailers or 100,000. Canada, the USA or the World. We provide services and products to a wide variety of businesses or consumers, special events, trade shows, conferences and even weddings and parties.

Our diverse range of business industries and customers include -Financial Institutions -Automotive Manufacturers and Dealers -Non Profits & Charities -Retailers -Manufacturing -Government -Publishing -Educational Institutions -Specialty Trades -Medical & Dental -Golf Venues -Associations -Music Industry -Event & Meeting Planners

NOTE: Currently our search engine on the Home page does not differentiate between Canadian and US currencies or suppliers (yet). To this end, we have created a special service under Links which searches only Canadian Suppliers and prices are in Canadian Dollars. This is not to say that we do not encourage you look at the much wider selection of US based products, but please take into consideration potential additional costs - shipping, duty, applicable taxes can range from 10-25%.


With our many established supplier relationships, some products can be sourced more cost effectively in the US and for our American customers the reverse is often true for shipping from Canada. Regardless, we will continue to provide the best products, at the best prices, to meet your budgets and timing. When you are rushing to get to those shows and forget (or run out of) business cards consider our express business card service delivered anywhere in North America in just 48 hours! MUSIC SHOW SPECIALS With the introduction of the new custom RICK ROCK guitars picks we have a number of new product specials for the industry, events and concerts. Check them out! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!