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"I really appreciated the personal service and everything you helped me with as I was new to everything!" - M.L.

"Thank you so much for all your work and assistance on our shirts!! They are awesome! The girls (& fans) love them!! Our stands looked great last night w/all the [team] shirts." J.P.

"Once again, you and your company were a huge success! I can't thank you enough for all of your efforts. Thanks for an awesome job." - K.G.

"You've got a great business!" - B.L.

"You do an awesome job, my hats and shirts look great. Thank you." - K.K.

"Thanks a lot for all that you guys do for us. I really appreciate everything and LOVE doing business with you!!!" - L.L.

"GREAT SHIRTS! Thanks so much! The kids love them!" - L.S.

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you these shirts look sooooo good!!!!! THANK YOU so much for all of your work. We have gotten so many compliments on them – definitely a huge hit, and no small thanks to you and your great team." - D.C.

"Thank you for the time and effort you put into the logo and always making it so easy to work with all of you!" - J.B.

"You guys do great work and I appreciate your follow-up. I'll be back to you with larger orders in the future. Thanks again." - Tim

"The directors, campers, counselors, and all involved want to thank you for all your hard work over the years. Your products always come to us looking beautiful! We really appreciate your meeting all of our requests and working with us until everyone is satisfied. It is also always nice to come in and see all of your smiling faces." - S.D. & M.S.

"WOW! Thank you soooo very much, the girls absolutely love the shirts and pants! It’s so fun to see them all wearing them together; it truly is a unifying thing." - B.E.

"GREAT job on the shirts...got them all delivered and am stocked up for the time being. Appreciate the friendly and expedient service. Thanks much!" - J.E.

"I really appreciate all your help and kindness...all the time :)" - L.J

"Thanks for replying so quick! Shirt Werks has been great with the projects I’ve been associated with over the past five years. I look forward to working with you." - C.G.

"I'm new to this so thank you very much for making this easier than I thought!" - Tammi

"My customer loved everything he received last week. Thanks again." - R.F.

"Thank you so much for your assistance you truly are great!!" - A.N.

"Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help with my team's jersey order. I really appreciate all the hard work you and everyone else put into it, and I especially appreciate your patience, since it took some time for the team to agree on what we wanted. Just like the other orders I've placed in the past, I am so pleased with both the affordable pricing and how the shirts turned out. They look great, and the team just loves them! I'm sure they'll be a hit on the softball fields this summer. ☺ Thanks so much!" - K.G.

"Thanks again for your help, the tee-shirts and bags were a big hit, everyone loved them!" - S.

"I would like to send this email to thank YOU for all of your help putting together my volleyball shirts for my team this year! They turned out great and my team loves them! I enjoyed doing business with you and appreciated your professionalism and kindness." - D.M.

"Thank you so much for the excellent service and the special pricing for our event t-shirts. But we were able to sell off all of the t-shirts thanks to their popular design." - G.O

"Thanks for your assistance with our shirts. Appreciate the quick turnaround." - S.K

"The shirts look awesome!!! Thank you!" - B.H.

"AWESOME THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - T.A.

"Hello, Thank you both for another terrific job on the [ministry’s] T-Shirts! Now, our Youth Ministry would like to have T-Shirts for an upcoming event." - J.W.

"THANK YOU for working with our tight timeline and also for delivering the shirts so we had them ready for the kids before they left. Everyone LOVED the shirts! As a matter of fact my own kids wanted to wear them the rest of the week!" - P.R.

"Awesome!! Thanks again for all of your help, you rock!" - W.R.

"Thank you so much for all your help! The t-shirts turned out great - we love them! :o)" - M.T.

"I want to thank you So much for all the Hard - Great work you do for me on these specific jobs. Your team is phenomenal!" - Barb

"Thanks!. It was a great retreat and the shirts look wonderful! The girls love them!" - K.D.

"The entire Shirt Werks team is great! They have gone above and beyond for me before!" - D.W.

"Thank you! I now see why Deb insisted on using you!" - A.G.

"Hi! Thanks again for another great shirt experience! The shirts were a huge hit!" - Anna

"Hi! The yoga mats have arrived! They are AWESOME! Thank you so much for helping us get these in time for tonight! I hope it fits into your schedule to join us!" - J.

"The shirts are wonderful!! Everyone loves them. I won't be president of the organization anymore come next year, but I'll be sure to direct the incoming officers to Shirt Werks for all of our needs. Thank you!" - K.P.

"We might need to do another order of the shirts. Once kids saw them more want them. They look amazing. Thanks." - Teresa

"Looks good thanks so much for the fast service." - S.F.

"Thanks for all your help!" - S.B.

"Thanks for the polo shirts, we looked so professional today at the fall aging conference!" - S.


"Thanks again for making our idea come to LIFE! Outstanding! This has far exceeded my expectations; and is exactly what we had in mind! THANK YOU." - J.B.

"The bags are adorable! I love them." - Teresa

"Thanks! You're the best!" - Kathy

"Hi!…we LOVE the T-shirts! Thanks for working with us – we have 3 events a year so I am sure we will be in touch soon for the next one." - T.H.

"Loved the bags. Thanks for such a quick turnaround!" - W.K.

"Thank you again for the excellent service. The shirts look great!" - J.A.

"The mugs are great! We truly appreciate the excellent service. Thanks again." - V.P.

"You are the best to work with." - Troy

"We are thrilled with our uniforms so far, and would love to have you all help us with these jerseys as well, if possible." - T.W.

"I just wanted to let you know that our tournament was extremely successful this past weekend! We were able to raise over $2300 to donate to the cause and everyone had a great time! It’s looking like this is going to become an annual event for us now, so thank you for all of your help, we really appreciate it! Thanks." - T.M.

"The purple shirts and toddler shirts that had feet/hands on it for a 1 lbs. baby.....LOVED THEM. LOOKED FANTASTIC. Thanks for all your efforts on that order." - P.H.

"T-shirts look great!!!" - T.H.

"We enjoy working with you on these orders too. We now have it down to a science I think where I can just say give us this many. I love it- thanks for making it to easy." - Sue

"LOVED the shirts….exactly what we were looking for and appreciated the quick turnaround time!"
"The shirts look GREAT! I love, it very creative. You all do wonderful work. Many Thanks." - M

"Hi, …the shirts came today and they look AWESOME! Thank you!" - E.R.

"You guys rock!!!!!!! Thank you and please thank everyone for me. I know I do owe you guys. :) Have a great weekend and now I have one happy client!" - Shannon

"Hi Cari, Everything looks great!!! Thanks for the great work. I will stay in touch." - Mike

"The shirts were a big hit! Everyone loves the way they came out." - Becki

"Mugs – the mugs look great." - Mike

"When I opened the box and showed the T-Shirts to my customers they all got big smiles on their faces and said PERFECT……" - Tim

"Thought might like to see shirts in action." - J.B.

"Thanks for the quick response on our order." - S.B.

"The shirts are perfect! Thank you, thank you." - J.S.D.

"Just returned from a school Pep Rally where everyone, including the babies, were wearing their tees. Thanks for making it happen so easily and timely." - M.

"I did business with you a while back and had a great experience and would like to use your services again for my college club." - K.A.

"Cari, Thanks for the note and we APPRECIATE the "heads-up" that the increase in the quantity wasn’t going to fit in your production schedule. We, too, were sorry that this didn’t work as we LOVE working with your team and know that you always get the job done for us." - K.H.

"Hi Cari! This looks fantastic! I like it even better than what I suggested--good idea to have the dark blue form the rim of the triangle!" - D.E.

"Seriously – thank you and your staff for getting these done so quickly! I really appreciate the very quick turnaround!" - M.J.

"…..very happy with the shirts….they look great! Thought you’d like to know." - Mik

"Awesome! Thanks again for your amazing work." - R.D.

"I just wanted to pass along the compliment that I received from my client. She said I was the best! So, I want to thank you guys for making us look good! You guys are the best!" - A.

"Best looking embroidered logo in my 20 years of business." - E.C.

"And thank YOU for being so wonderfully helpful, pleasant and helping us to look good with quality logoed items. Thank you!!" - T.T.

"You worked with my colleague, B.M., last year, and she had nothing but good things to say." - D.L.

"Thank you again for your help- we've gotten so many compliments on the jerseys! We're looking into placing another order, so fans and other [college] players can buy a jersey or shorts." - Laura

"We received the shirts yesterday. We couldn't be happier with the order. I truly appreciate your wonderful service throughout the whole process." - A.S.

"I really appreciate your great customer service." - G.R.

"Thanks - your company is awesome & so prompt at customer service!!" - George

"I also showed her your site and she is very excited about that and the amazing service we have gotten from you. We are going to do good business together!" - S.

"As always your office staff was very helpful and accommodating. We appreciate the working relationship we have been able to develop over the years. Thank you again! - S.B.

"The shirts and pillowcases were a great hit. Thank you for a great job and the quick turnaround." - M.K.

"I stopped in today and picked up the shirts. They are perfect! Thank you for your great work and I will definitely be recommending Shirt Werks to my fellow teams! Thank you." - V.L.

"Thanks, as always, for taking such great care of us." - S.O.

"I really like how the t-shirts turned out! Thank you so much for your help with this order!" - J.L.

"THOSE ARE ADORABLE!!! Love them! Thank you!!" - T.W

"I want to say thank you for the shirts and sweatshirts. They looked awesome. Everyone loves them so thank you for everything." - S.P.

"…was such a pleasure to work with you." - A.S

"Thank you very much for the t-shirts that my RFL Team and I ordered. We're very pleased with the T-shirts and want to thank you all for making such amazing t-shirts!" - V.K.

"LOVE the bags! :0). Thanks so much!" - D.B.

" I (along with the rest of my team) would like to thank you for your speediness and accuracy of printing our jerseys and warm-ups. Attached are some pictures of our team wearing the two. We are currently ranked #11 in the nation, and are headed into the post season! With any luck, we will be wearing these same jerseys and warm-ups at nationals in Madison! - M.D.

"…I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your help with the T-shirt orders. You and your staff are so easy to work with! Thanks for being so prompt and flexible with us! It was a great day packing food for [charity organization]. We raised around $1000 from our t-shirt sales. That money went to purchase the food we packed. I attached a picture of some kids in my class wearing the t-shirts. They look great! And the "hands on the chest issue" we dealt with, was just fine! Thanks again." - J.D.

"Thanks so much… they looked great!! Was so nice working with!!" - L.H.

"Thanks….The kids are loving their shirts." - Mark

"Everything has come out wonderful. We appreciate your great work." - A.S.

"Thanks for the shirts....everyone loved them!" - Dr. S.M.

"Thanks! The shirts look very good!" - Jeff

"You are our absolute favorite to work with we love you guys so much and love working with you thanks!" - B.A.

"You are absolutely the best!!!!!!!! :)" - S.M.

"We received the shirts and they look great. Thanks for all your effort!" - M.H.

"We received the shirts yesterday and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out! It has been such a pleasure working with you, and I will definitely be recommending your business to all my fellow sisters and friends! Thank you for such a great experience going through you and your company!" - K.B.

"Shirts are great. Thanks." - T.J.

"The shirts look great, thank you!" - C.J.

"I just received the shirts and they look amazing thank you very much!" - J.P.


"I can’t remember the last time I left a business feeling so good. You are so sweet and GREAT to work with! Thanks" - Lori

"Thank you very much for handling the personal order items. I understand that your business is not necessarily built to do one-offs and I really appreciate you doing that for us. I received the kids items yesterday and they look fantastic. I must tell you that it was as if my kids had an early Christmas. It seems that in our new high-tech world, it takes the next electronic gizmo to get them excited....not the case...they were pumped! Even wore their new stuff to school today. Thank you again." - Jeff

"We got the shirts! Thanks so much!" - Caity

"Hi! Thanks for the terrific shirts for [our Pack]! They are great and everyone loves them! We have a pack outing next month and hope to everyone wearing their shirts. I will send you a picture!" - L.B.

"The shirts….. look FABULOUS! (: Thank you to you and your team for working on yet another order of [our college sorority’s] shirts! We couldn't be more pleased with how the products have turned out. Thank you again for all your great services, [our sorority] has loved working with you and I have been sure to pass your name along to other Greeks as well (:" - Kristina

"Also, just want to let you know that I really appreciate all that you've done for my groups over the years. Even though there are closer companies I could go to, I'm always happy with the product and customer service you provide! :) That's why I keep coming back!" - J.K.

"That is wonderfully gracious of you. This is an example of why working with local businesses is so important." - S.O.

"We got our Thriller shirts, and they looked awesome at our performance Saturday night! Thank you!" - M.T.

"The shirts looked great…thank you!" - Tyler