Shipping: All orders are shipped F.O.B. our factory, GA via ground, unless otherwise requested. We do not ship to PO boxes via the USPS. All orders are shipped UPS or FedEx, at the discretion of the factory. Orders that request the shipping charges be prepaid will be billed at the gross charges and added to the invoice. We offer Ground, 3- Day Select, 2nd Day, Standard Overnight, and Priority Overnight delivery. We also have refrigerated and dry trucking available for large orders. Dock high receiving capacity is required for all trucking deliveries, unless otherwise specified. Please indicate the “in hands date” on the order, so we can determine the best date for shipment. We try not to let product sit in transit over the weekend during delivery period. Please check all addresses and zip codes for errors. There will be a charge of $5.00 (V) to correct any zip codes on shipments. Factory is not responsible for delays in shipments because of incorrect information. All returns will be donated to the food bank. Credits are not issued for returns resulting from incorrect shipping information.


Warm Weather Shipping:  We are able to ship chocolate year-round with the use of insulated containers. Insulated containers are necessary any time the temperature will be above 75°. The cost for containers is $12.50 (V) each. We will determine how many containers will be needed for each order, and, if requested, we will estimate this number at the time the order is placed. Ground shipping is available with insulated coolers if the shipping location is within a 2-to 3-day shipping zone from Georgia. If shipping distance is outside of this zone, air freight will be necessary to ensure that melting does not occur.


Split Shipments: Split shipments are designated as splitting a single order amongst multiple addresses. An example would be to split an order of 500 pieces among 5 separate shipping destinations. Split shipments are billed at a charge of $12.50 (V) per location, plus actual shipping costs.


Drop Shipments: Drop shipments are designated as shipping individual items to multiple locations. An example would be to ship a 500 – piece order to 500 different addresses. Drop shipments are billed at a charge of $4.00 (V) per address. This charge includes the cost of the mailer and insertion of card. Please check all addresses for errors. There will be a charge of $13.00 per address for any address corrections that are made after the product has shipped.


Addresses must be supplied in the below Excel format:



Address  1

Address  2





Consolidated, Inc.

John Doe

123 Federal Ln.

8th Floor

New York




General Logistics


82 Main St.