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Epicurean Feast
Item #: BAQHD-LGWCR Price:  $98.95 - $99.95
Description: Reward those who deserve it most with this wide array of gourmet favorites. Our hammered metal tub (13.5" x 7.5" x 6") is overflowing with delicious treats, and there's something for everyone to share...

Sweet & Savory Gift Basket
Item #: XGXEG-LGOIC Price:  $98.95 - $99.95
Description: Send a gift brimming with sweet and savory goodies and give the whole crowd something to cheer about. The handcrafted wooden crate is packed with Ghirardelli Chocolates, Chocolate Dipped Oreos, Cheese...

3 Piece Bento Box Gift Set w/20 Oz. Tumbler
Item #: GDTBD-LMYXX Price:  $23.83 - $28.10
Description: This gift set includes a tall plastic candy jar with sugar coated candies, sliding mint tin w/mints included, the 16 Oz. stainless steel tumbler & your choice of outer sleeve options. There are over 1...

Executive Gourmet Keepsake Box & Aviana™ Gift Set Black
Item #: NYVDA-MLDWW Price:  $44.98 - $49.25
Description: The Executive Gourmet Keepsake Box & Aviana Gift Set includes pistachio cranberry biscotti, chocolate hazelnut wafer cookies, shortbread, lemon cookies, black teas and a hot or iced chocolate mocha dr...

Best of the Season Gourmet Sweets & Treats Tower Red-Silver
Item #: NDUGC-MQOFU Price:  $99.98 - $109.25
Description: An elegant holiday tower with a delicious array of sweets and treats for everyone. This 19" tall tower includes dark chocolate covered marshmallows, milk chocolate and white frosted sandwich cookies, ...

Elegant Gourmet Sweet & Savory Tower Black-White
Item #: QDVJF-MQOIP Price:  $54.98 - $59.98
Description: This classic 13" tall tower is brimming with sweet and savory goodies that gives the entire crowd something to rave about. Includes roasted cashews, caramel nut popcorn, berry nut mix, white frosted p...

Mondrian Gourmet Gift Box White-Silver
Item #: CDUBG-MQOHW Price:  $19.98 - $21.75
Description: This stylish 9" tall gift box has a cool look and a pound of snacks packed inside. Includes white frosted pretzels, peanut crunch, caramel nut corn and chocolate hazelnut filled cookies. 1.06 lbs. Co...

LARGE GABLE BOX w/ Full Color Imprint on Both Sides
Item #: IAXBB-LFTQP Price:  $1.29 - $2.59
Description: Value Line ™ makes the three most popular sizes of Thanks a Dozen® boxes (donut,cookie,candy) available with a designated imprint area and limited design choices. The simplification of the offering ma...

Something For Everyone Gourmet Treats Tower Silver-Blue
Item #: NDVKF-MQOIF Price:  $99.98 - $109.25
Description: This 28" tall tower with modern snowflake pattern makes quite a statement with over 4 pounds of gourmet treats to share! A perfect solution for a large office, this gift includes dark chocolate covere...

Deluxe Shimmering Sweet & Snacks Gourmet Tower Silver
Item #: MDUEF-MQOGR Price:  $49.98 - $54.48
Description: This elegant 14" tall shimmering tower will be a customer favorite. This crowd-pleasing gift includes peanut crunch, caramel nut popcorn, shortbread, berry nut mix, white frosted pretzels, lemon cooki...

Piccolo Grab N' Gourmet Treats Tote Natural
Item #: EYVDH-MLDXD Price:  $24.98 - $27.25
Description: The Piccolo Grab N Gourmet Treats Tote is filled with a variety of gourmet snacks tucked inside. Includes lemon cookies, berry fruit & nut mix, orey caramel popcorn with almonds & walnuts, peanut crun...

Plaid Tidings Holiday Sweets & Treats Gourmet Tower Red
Item #: ZDUGE-MQOFW Price:  $39.98 - $43.75
Description: Tis the season to send a charming gift filled with treats for all. This 18" tall tower includes dark chocolate covered marshmallows, dark chocolate almonds, peanut crunch, almond butter toffee, white ...

Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies - Regular Tin
Item #: HBVID-HXUAX Price:  $19.35 - $20.25
Description: 20 mouthwatering Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies overflowing with chocolate chips. These cookies are fresh-baked for your order and shipped the same day they are baked! Regular, 25 oz. Complies with F...

Plaid Tidings Holiday Sweets Tower Red-Black
Item #: TDUGD-MQOFV Price:  $19.98 - $21.75
Description: Sending this sweet and festive holiday gift is the perfect way to say thank you to everyone on your list. This 8.5" tall tower is filled with dark chocolate covered marshmallows, almond tea cookies, d...

Custom Candy Gable Box
Item #: SAPBJ-ITKWP Price:  $0.62 - $1.05
Description: All sales reps drop off cookies, donuts and candy when they make a sales call. Doesn't it make sense they would use their own customized box to develop relationships and get sales? Banks/ Credit Union...

Pizza Box - Medium
Item #: PAQFD-ITKYR Price:  $4.99 - $5.59
Description: This box is great for lunch presentations, large cookies, pies and other large food treats. Heavy FDA compliant stock. Attached folding lid/top. Full color on 10pt stock mounted to e-flute corrugated....

Celebrate the Season Gourmet Sweets & Treats Tower Red-Silver
Item #: HDUGB-MQOFT Price:  $49.98 - $54.48
Description: This 13" tower abundantly filled with an assortment of favorite treats is a wonderful gift for sharing. Includes dark chocolate covered marshmallows, caramel nut popcorn, almond tea cookies, peanut cr...

Season's Greetings Merrymaker Deluxe
Item #: MYSBJ-MAIKT Price:  $99.99
Description: Holiday happiness will abound with this red and green basket full of sweets and treats this season. Gourmet goodies are perfect for sharing with family, friends and business associates and include but...

Winter Wonderland Holiday Treats Tower
Item #: RARII-LZBQA Price:  $39.99
Description: This delightful silver and red snowflake tower evokes a winter wonderland and is a great way to wish someone "Happy Holidays" this season. Each silver box holds a different sweet treat, including pepp...

Fairytale Brownies Custom Magic Morsels 24 in Kraft Gift Box
Item #: DEVEA-GBVBG Price:  $32.95
Description: Dazzle your clients with some delicious gift-giving. Includes 4 each of Original, Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Cream Cheese, Raspberry Swirl and Walnut 1 1/2"x1 1/2" Magic Morsels in a kraft gift box. A c...

Classic Gourmet Treats Tower Navy-White-Gold
Item #: IDVJI-MQOIS Price:  $29.98 - $32.75
Description: This classic 4 tier tower filled with an assortment of flavorful snacks makes a lovely holiday gift, employee recognition, customer thank you and more. Includes lemon cookies, honey mustard pretzels, ...

Gourmet Grandeur Gift Basket
Item #: TGUBG-LGNXS Price:  $249.99
Description: Send best wishes in a spectacular way with a huge basket of gourmet grandeur! Start the party with chocolate truffles, chocolate cherries, pretzels, Ghirardelli dark squares, chocolate cake, red velve...

Golden Vineyard Gourmet Gift
Item #: WGVHC-LGNZC Price:  $99.99
Description: Three bottles of delectable wine, a cabernet sauvignon, a chardonnay and a rich merlot are featured in this luxurious faux-leather golden container. The feast continues with smoked salmon, truffle coo...

Seasons Greetings Gourmet Merrymaker
Item #: YYTKE-MAIKY Price:  $59.99
Description: Holiday happiness will abound with this cheery red and green basket full of sweets and treats this season. Gourmet goodies are perfect for sharing with family, friends and business associates and incl...

Sunsational Classic Gourmet Treats Tower Grey
Item #: AYWJC-MLDYM Price:  $29.98 - $32.75
Description: The Classic Gourmet Teats Tower 4 tier tower is filled with lemon cookies, honey mustard pretzel nuggets, peanut brittle crunch, shortbread, dark chocolate covered almonds, chocolate hazelnut wafer co...

Avery Healthy Choice Snack Stash Natural
Item #: JDUFF-MQOGH Price:  $16.98 - $18.48
Description: Perfect for health-conscious events and recipients, this assortment of delicious treats is a welcome pick-me up. Includes berry nut mix, roasted pistachios, blueberry apple bar and white chocolate ras...

CUSTOM COOKIE BOX - Prints Full Color
Item #: PFUJH-LQVOF Price:  $1.55 - $2.59
Description: All sales reps drop off cookies, donuts and candy when they make a sales call. Doesn't it make sense they would use their own customized box to develop relationships and get sales? Banks/ Credit Union...

Chardonnay Classic Wine & Cheese Gift Box
Item #: SGVIC-LGNYS Price:  $39.99
Description: It's cool, it's Californian, it's classic. A Regalo Valley Ranch Chardonnay wine paired with Sonoma Jack Cheese, sourdough crackers and s chocolate chip cookies. Sprinkled with sunshine and some West ...

Office Delights Gift Basket
Item #: VGUBC-LGNXO Price:  $139.99
Description: You're the boss. You can send the perfect gift filled with tempting sweets and savory delights, everyone on your gift list will be overwhelmed. This basket features: almond biscotti, Ghirardelli milk ...

Shimmering Silver Gift Tower
Item #: NDSFJ-LKCTR Price:  $44.99
Description: Dazzle them with a shimmering silver tower overflowing with gourmet sweets and savories! Each box is filled to the brim with tasty surprises, including chocolate-covered graham crackers, Walker's shor...

Meetings 'N More Gourmet Snack Tote Blue
Item #: YYVBF-MLDXV Price:  $19.98 - $21.75
Description: The Meetings N More Gourmet Snack Tote includes caramel popcorn with almonds & walnuts, shortbread, cinnamon apple chips, chocolate hazelnut wafer cookies and honey mustard nuggets. Once the goodies a...

Delicious Ditty Snack Bag Black
Item #: VDUFH-MQOGJ Price:  $26.98 - $29.48
Description: Satisfy a craving with this handy snack filled bag. Whether a gift for one or a welcoming treat to share, this sack is a fun way to deliver the goodies inside. Includes apple cinnamon chips, honey mus...

Premium Executive Gourmet Keepsake Tower Black
Item #: UDUEC-MQOGO Price:  $99.98 - $109.25
Description: Whether a grand gesture gift for one or more, there is plenty to share in this stylish tower and purposeful gift. Featuring an abundant assortment of specialty foods including raspberry honey mustard ...

Starbucks Favorite Gift Tower
Item #: AYSBH-MAIKR Price:  $59.99
Description: A Starbucks lover's favorite, this set of burlap tower boxes is filled with some of Starbucks best tastes. Starbucks K-up coffee pods, ground bags, a Starbucks signature mug, vanilla biscotti, Tazo as...

Christmas 4-Box Tower
Item #: ABTGF-JXNYB Price:  $89.95
Description: Express Christmas greetings in a big way with three sizes of towers to suit your budget and need. They'll be so delighted as they open each gift to reveal gourmet brownies, chewy cookies and buttery b...

PIZZA BOX 14" - Full Color, FDA Compliant Stock, High Gloss Laminate Finish
Item #: RAXII-LJTCM Price:  $5.09 - $5.69
Description: WOW your existing & potential clients by dropping off pizza, large cookies, pie etc. in a box that acts as a billboard all day...or as long as the food lasts! This is our large 14" box, your custom de...

Entertainment on the Go Gourmet Tote Black
Item #: HDUFJ-MQOGL Price:  $94.98 - $103.75
Description: Our Charlie tote is filled with a gourmet collection of ready-to-eat foccacia crackers, cheddar cheese, garlic infused olives, smoked almonds, fancy cashews, roasted pepper hummus, snap peas, chocolat...

California Grandeur Wine and Gourmet Gift Basket
Item #: TYTEE-MAING Price:  $349.99
Description: This magnificent basket makes a giant impression. Five bottles of delicious California wine are featured in this sumptuous gourmet gift. Also included in this overwhelming array: Godiva chocolate, tof...

Custom Holiday 4-Box Tower
Item #: SBTDC-JXNZC Price:  $95.95
Description: Whether sending to just a few people or an entire group, our towers prevail. Full-size brownies, snack-size Sprites, bite-size Magic Morsels, Fairytale Cookies and Fairytale Bars are tucked inside the...

GABLE BOX - Custom Cookie/Treat Box (FDA Compliant Stock)
Item #: IGWDE-KWWSC Price:  $1.15 - $2.59
Description: All sales reps drop off cookies, donuts and candy when they make a sales call. Doesn't it make sense they would use their own customized box to develop relationships and get sales? Banks/ Credit Union...

Festive Holiday Sweets Tower Red-Silver
Item #: UDUBJ-MQOHZ Price:  $29.98 - $32.75
Description: Our classic holiday gift filled with sweet treats will never go out of style. This 9.75" tall tower includes dark chocolate covered marshmallows, almond tea cookies, dark chocolate covered almonds, ch...

Custom Label Cookies
Item #: XFREG-LRJZE Price:  $2.95
Description: Make an impression with Custom Label Cookies at your next meeting or trade show giveaway. Connect with employees or launch a new brand. Perfect for wedding favors or baby shower handouts. Put your ful...

Holiday Morsel Dozen in Purple Box w/ Happy Holidays Band
Item #: TAPCG-HWCIW Price:  $23.95
Description: Ring in the holidays with the perfect party favor - 6 enchanting flavors of bite-sized Morsels. Made from the finest ingredients, this gift is a delightful way to celebrate the season. Included are 2 ...

Holiday Dozen Fairytale Brownies (Kraft Box w/ Happy Holidays Band)
Item #: YCPCH-HUHAD Price:  $42.95
Description: A popular gift, this decadent dozen includes 12 delicious flavors of gourmet brownies tucked inside a kraft gift box and wrapped in a Happy Holidays band. Flavors include Original, Caramel, Chocolate ...

Pure Mondrian Gourmet Gift Box White-Silver-Black
Item #: ODUBI-MQOHY Price:  $26.98 - $29.48
Description: A refreshing and stylish gift, this 9" tall gift box pairs our popular Purity Glass Bottle with snacks packed inside. Includes white frosted pretzels, caramel nut popcorn and chocolate hazelnut filled...

Heritage Supply™ Highline Tote Gourmet Gift Set Black
Item #: TDUCF-MQOHL Price:  $109.98 - $120.25
Description: Give gratitude with a gift of good taste with professional panache. We've paired this sleek, modern tote with the Cedar leather writing pad, Zebra Gel Retractable pen and a coordinating leatherette de...

Everything But The Wine Gourmet Tote Black
Item #: YZSJA-MQTUS Price:  $32.98 - $35.98
Description: The Everything But The Wine Gourmet Tote includes chocolate hazelnut filled cookies, berry fruit & nut mix, honey mustard sour dough nuggets and cheddar cheese straws. Wine Lover's Gift Set insulated ...

Chill Out Gourmet to Go Tote Blue
Item #: KYVEA-MLDWM Price:  $29.98 - $32.75
Description: The Chill Out Gourmet To Go Tote is a unique gifting solution for meetings, events, room drops, promotions and more. Inside the tote is an array of sweet and savory treats, including caramel popcorn w...

Crunch Time Sweet Snacks Gift Basket
Item #: QDREI-LKCQE Price:  $39.99
Description: It's always crunch time with this great gift filled with everyone's favorites. Who can resist two types of gourmet popcorn, white and milk chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate-covered sandwich cookie...

Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies - Regular Tin
Item #: XFSFD-ETPOB Price:  $28.35 - $29.25
Description: Always a favorite, this regular size tin is filled with 21 Oreo Cookies, covered in rich milk chocolate, smooth white chocolate, or peanut butter. These cream filled cookies are then decorated with a ...

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