The Value of Custom Packaging

  • Jun 19, 2024

When you advertise your business or organization with promotional products, you want those items to be unique, interesting, and memorable. So, shouldn’t that same principle apply to the packaging for those products?

Why Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is wrapping or boxing for products that’s been specifically designed or tailored to the products you’re using and your organization’s marketing goals. There are several benefits to adding custom packaging to your promotional products marketing plan.

Interesting packaging is eye-catching. Have you ever seen a coworker or friend with a bright or colorful package and wondered, “what is that?” By packing your promotional products into appealing boxes or bags, you can generate more interest in the items you’re giving away.

Custom packaging also makes products seem more substantial. A small product in a medium box looks like more of a gift than the small product simply handed out by itself. Having packaging that matches your branding and supports your marketing message increases the perceived value of your promotional products.

The biggest advantage to custom packaging lies in its ability to craft a more complete branding message. Many promotional items have limited imprint areas, meaning that the amount of space for your message may not be quite large enough. By adding a custom printed box, tag, or wrapping paper, you can add additional information and branding to your products.

Custom Packaging Ideas

Mailer Boxes

Custom Box

Custom boxes are perfect for creating a polished presentation for your promotional gifts. With a multitude of imprint options, from full color to shiny foil lettering, there’s sure to be a perfect box for you.

Gift Bag

Gift Bag

Give your promotion a little pizazz with high-quality custom printed bags. Add some color coordinated tissue paper for a promotional gift they won’t forget.

Gift and Hang Tags

Hang Tag

Perfect for those promotions that you don’t want to hide inside a box or bag, custom gift tags are an inexpensive way to boost the perceived value of your promotion and add additional branding opportunities.

Tissue Paper

Tissue PaperWhy stuff your gift bags with plain tissue paper? Have your logo or message added to sheets of custom tissue paper for the perfect way to wrap up your branded promotion.

Gift Paper

Gift Paper

When you receive a gift, you want to know who it’s from – right? With logoed gift paper, your recipients will never have to guess.

Want some more great packaging ideas? Contact us today to see what we can do for you!


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