On Hold Messages



"I didn’t know you did that?"

A telephone on hold message should do more than let your customers know they are still connected. Sell yourself, your products, your services, upcoming events and more.

Wendt Productions Custom On Hold Messages

  • No long term contract or monthly fees
  • We write the message for you
  • Your choice of production music
  • Fast Internet delivery
  • Simple Installation
  • Quantity and Frequency Discounts

Four minute messages (about 7 to 8 topics) start at $200

The USB Messager®

  • Messages Stored on USB Drives
  • Built-in Monitor Speaker
  • 5-Year Parts/Labor Warranty

The Sonorous®

  • 64 Mins Base Memory-32Kbps
  • Plays Standard mp3 Files
  • No Special Software Needed