Brief:  Many marketers are hampered with methods of cutting through the clutter and securing new business opportunities. Utilizing a Swiss army knife and comparing the functions of that knife to what the salesperson did, created a unique door opener for gaining appointments.

Key Ingredients: Swiss army knife, Custom printed box, creative word smithery

Execution & Strategy: The piece was sent to 137 targeted prospective new clients. The marketing piece was designed to create a connection between 2 unlike objects: a salesperson and a Swiss army knife. A comparison was made to each of the functions of the knife and how that related to the salesperson, & more importantly, how that connection would benefit the prospect.

Results: The marketing piece generated an astronomical 86% response rate and nearly 104 client meetings either via phone or in person. This exceeded the projections-300% for the response rates and 1700% for client meetings. 


Pica Warm & Fuzzy Notes: This project was particularly warm & fuzzy for Paul, bringing up so many fond childhood memories of his first Swiss army knife...and well, not so many warm & fuzzy for Stephanie, because she was all to quickly reminded of why Paul isn't allowed to play with bright, shiny, sharp objects.