About Us

About Pica Marketing Group


Our Philosophy

Pica Marketing Group was founded on the idea that marketing can be creative, fun and measurable. We are committed to implementing marketing programs that produce results in which the return on investment can be clearly measured.


Our Values

Pica is the recent offspring of our prior company, Easy Green Shop, and although we have a new name and face, we continue to value our “Green” lifestyle. We always do what is best for our client, and strive to give back to our community for a more sustainable future.


Meet the Team


Stephanie as head honcho, she wears many hats. She grounds Pica with her business background and adds a female touch to the creative process for clients. Her most challenging role is reeling Paul back into reality when he has a “shiny object” moment.


Paul is a walking advertisement for the Marketing Industry. He wakes up in the night dreaming of Measurable Results. Stephanie often catches him discussing projects with himself (or his invisible friend) she’s not sure. That’s just how dedicated he is to his clients!


Cliff finds himself as the organizer of the brainstorming sessions and his insight into packaging solutions is invaluable. Many of Pica’s clients have benefited from this knowledge – even if they didn’t know it.