Challenge Accepted

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED 2017 & 2018 PPAI Pyramid Winner!

Brief: A plumbing parts company was gearing up to attend a Las Vegas tradeshow. They wanted to find away to encourage attendees to stop by the booth and away to identify the decision-makers while at the booth giving demonstrations.

Execution & Strategy: After researching the attendee list, we were able to conclude that many of the decision-makers had some sort of military background. So, we decided to use a “challenge coin” as the redemption piece attached to the direct-mail invitation. We asked the attendees to bring the coin with them to the booth for a demonstration and to receive a gift. This quickly allowed the staff to identify the coin holders as decision-makers, and were then able to spend the appropriate amount of time answering questions and setting up follow up sales meetings.

Results: We were able to increase the booth traffic by over 45% and convert more than 10% of the decision-makers to post-show sales meetings. Ultimately, it resulted in significant increased sales.