Cloud Box


Brief: A software company wanted to attract C-suite professionals to a “lunch and learn” they were hosting. Initially, the company thought about using a simple invitation sent to a large number of these professionals. Our idea was to send a high visibility, high impact piece to a smaller, more important list of these professional.

Execution & Strategy: Playing off the idea that this software company was “cloud based” computing, we created a large box which had the sky and clouds printed on the outside. Inside the box, the formal invitation sat among a variety of “cloud based” items and a brief overview of the corporate leadership. This high impact piece was impossible to miss sitting on the recipient’s desk and begged to be opened.

Results: Using a laser focused approach to the invitee list, and a creative use of resources, the company had an unprecedented 48% response rate and a 10% sales conversation rate. This resulted in millions of dollars in sales. All of these results were achieved without increasing the initial budget.