Brief: A hospital system was launching a new Wellness website.  Their intention was to introduce the site at the annual Heart Walk. The challenge was how to get the message to the thousands of walkers and encourage them to visit the site.

Key Ingredients: Heart healthy conscience audience, Super cool Wellness website, Geared up volunteers

Execution & Strategy: There was a three part strategy for the launch of the website at the Heart Walk. First, the employee walkers received a backpack to use during the walk.  Seeing hundreds of people walking with the backpack was visually impact. Second, volunteers were wearing t-shirts which highlighted the effects of Wellness as well as the website for additional information. Finally, all participants received a dry-erase board to put on their refrigerator to track their dietary intake.

Results: The program generated 7,000 views of the landing page within 30 days of the walk and 26,000 additional page views. The client was 100% over their aggressive goal and completely off the charts with further web-traffic. 


Pica Warm & Fuzzy Notes: Creating this project was only one aspect for the PICA team. Actually participating in the Heart Walk was the other aspect, being completely surrounded by THOUSANDS of people wearing a promotional piece that we created is one heck of a glorious feeling! The internal empowerment that created for us definitely put a special "PEP" in our step!