Brief: A not-for-profit company, focused on Health and Wellness needed learning tools and incentives to change unhealthy behaviors of at risk children and families.

Key Ingredients: Enthusiastic Children, Dedicated Teachers, Committed Staff, Fun loving, healthy Puppet

Objective: The teachers needed a way to affectively communicate with preschool learners and their families about the importance of healthy living. They created a book series where the main character is a piece of Broccoli named Regie. The learning did not stop with the children, the program also translated to the families of these children to help educate them on healthy living.

Execution & Strategy: We helped bring Regie to life by creating a puppet for the teachers to use in conjunction with the stories and learning. This really helped the children understand the message. To enforce behavior changes with the parents/caregivers of these children, an Apple Stress Ball, Lunch Bag and Exercise Band were used. All of these pieces were chosen to be a reminder of the behavior change as well as aid in that change.

Results: After the children heard & discussed Regie’s adventures, 50% of them increased their fruit & vegetable consumption. More astounding was 94% of the family members who participated in the adult learning of this lesson changed at least 1 unhealthy behavior.


Pica Warm & Fuzzy Notes: This project was extra dear to our hearts due to the nature of the target audience. We love when our projects directly relate to the "bettering" of our community. We were invited to sit in on one of the group reading sessions....Watching Mrs. Sullivan bring Regie to life, and seeing the interaction between the children & Regie, was magical. So grateful to have worked with the Kidney Foundation on a project we are so very proud of.