Brief: We were looking for a way to stay in front of our clients with more than just a friendly phone call. It was important for us to bring value to our clients as well as educate and inspire them with projects which we have been involved.

Key Ingredients: Creative staff, Imaginative design team, Easy to execute process

Execution & Strategy: One of the most important considerations was the program be simple and repeatable in its execution. We knew, if it wasn’t we would loose stem. After much consideration, the idea of a marketing recipe program was created. To organize all of the pieces, we began to compile a list of projects, which highlighted the creativity, effectiveness and collaboration among our clients. With the help of our designer, the entire Recipe theme was designed, produced and executed.

Results: Of the 50 clients we have sent our marketing “Recipes” to over the past 12 months, the response has been outstanding. Anywhere from, “I didn’t know you could do that”, to “I look forward to your mail because I know it will be brief yet content rich”. Finally, our client base has grown throughout this 12- month period as a direct result of this program. 


Pica Warm & Fuzzy Notes: Anybody in our industry loves a great self-promotion. It is a sure feeling of accomplishment when you send a complete stranger a package like this and the following week they become a client. It gives us that much more truth in our voices when we tell people that this "stuff" works. The proof is in the pudding. Some of our industry colleagues even got in on this, sweetening the deal for us, because being able to increase the order size lowered the cost of all the materials. If you have a dream project that you think you can't afford, just let us help you collaborate with others!