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  • 5 Easy Ways to Achieve a Positive Outlook

    5 Easy Ways to Achieve a Positive Outlook

    One of the most powerful things you can do to set yourself up for success is practice the art of positive thinking. It's easy to let the struggles of everyday life control your attitude. But by practi...

  • Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility: Why it Matters

    Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility: Why it Matters

    As the reality of our planet’s changing climate is becoming more and more apparent, being committed to sustainability has become a business imperative in the eyes of consumers. According to a 20...

  • Why You Should Buy USA-Made

    Why You Should Buy USA-Made

    During times of growing uncertainty in the global markets, customers are becoming more and more interested in purchasing American-made items. Buying American-made is about more than just patriotism &n...

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Working with both Judy and Annette was a delight.  They provided innovative ideas, got the order delivered on time and helped me meet my budget. I will definitely use Pro-Motion Notions for futur...

  • Pam L


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Client Recommendations

Pro-Motion Notions provided quality premium items in a timely and accurate nature for a couple of my events. Annette is very knowledgeable in her niche of business and always strives for the best pric...

  • Lori B

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