Our Three Areas of Expertise

At Chameleon, it can be hard to describe what we do because we do so much. One of the best ways to understand what we do is to think of us as a marketing firm, a design studio, and a print shop. We can create just about everything you need to get the job done. From all the things you need for events to strategizing a better way to reach your constituents, we have you covered.

Design Services

We create. We brainstorm. We think big. And then, we deliver. We have a passion for print. From direct mail to POP to conference programs, we love color, we adore paper samples, and we never met a font we didn’t like. We offer copywriting, design, and illustration services.

Printing Solutions

Imagine a business partner that will be there to answer your questions and provide expertise in the world of print. At Chameleon, we reach beyond high quality images and finished pieces. We partner with our clients to create stunning projects that are compelling and cost effective.

Promotional Products

From apparel, giveaways, signage, and national in-store promotions to event materials, donor gifts, and spirit items, we have the experience to get you to your goals and the innovation to make each of your projects a stand-out success.

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