The Best Saltwater Fishing Expeditions In Alaska

Homer, Alaska is located just 218 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. When visitors enter the town of Homer Alaska they will see the welcome sign touting Homer as the “Halibut Fishing Capitol of the World”.  With over 30 years experience in the business, Alaska Gulf Coast Expeditions leads some of the best halibut fishing charters in the area. We launch our trips from Anchor Point, Alaska which is 15 miles from Homer and closer to our prized fishing grounds.

Alaska Halibut Fishing Charters

North pacific halibut are truly amazing species of fish. They average 25-30lbs as adult fish. They spawn in the winter months. Halibut are unique in that they can grow to be huge fish. Some female halibut can grow to be over 500lbs and their length can be over 5 feet. Catching halibut is a true adventure in itself. That is why having an expert guide to help land your catch is key. With our company being in business over 30 years, you are sure to get a guide who can help you land that catch. 

Any angler who has heard about the flaky, buttery halibut of Alaska's pristine waters has more than likely had one or two fantasies of catching one of these great fish. The anticipation of the big one is a lure of its own. If you have ever hooked into a big one, you know it takes a bit of skill and a lot of perseverance to close the deal and Alaskan halibut fishing is no different. 

If you have not had the opportunity to experience the North Gulf Coast waterways for over 30 years to gain the experience you need to catch your own, you need a guide with the right skills and experience on you Alaskan fishing adventure. As you step on board our Alaskan halibut charter you will be greeted by our knowledgeable charter host. Alaska Gulf Coast Expedition works to ensure each of our charter guests has the fishing adventure of a lifetime. We ensure you have all the tools needed to make the catch and know some of the best areas for landing the best Alaskan halibut fish. Our charter captains are life-long Alaskans with a proven track record for success through the highest catch ratio and a flawless safety record. Count on us to help you fulfill your Alaskan saltwater adventures. 

Our day trips include bait, tackle, free filleting by an experienced guide and professional instructor. 

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Available May 1st - Aug 31st $325/person
** Plus applicable sales tax

Multispecies Fishing Expedition Charters

These fishing charters are for the ultimate angler wishing for the utmost fishing adventure. Choose from several multispecies fishing charters which include Ling Cod fishing, Yellow eyed Rock Fishing charters, and Salmon/Halibut fishing combos. 

Ling Cod is a great target for those wanting a bit more than the standard charter. Ranging from 12 inches to 5 feet with a world record weight of nearly 83lbs, this prehistoric looking fish is frequently caught while fishing for salmon or halibut. A very tasty fish with a nicely textured white meat which works perfectly in many recipes. 

Yellow-eyed Rock Fish are another colorful favorite. These orangish-yellow, reddish-orange fish are easily recognized by the bright yellow of their eyes. Also nicknamed yellow bellow & red rock cod, yellow-eyed rock fish are great to add to your multispecies fishing charter and who knows, you might even catch an octopus. 

Another popular combination is the Salmon/Halibut charters available when the mighty King Salmon and the acrobatic Silver Salmon are fighting their way into the rivers to make their incredible journey upstream to spawn. Catching salmon before they reach the fresh water delivers a bright silver appearance and the firm, fresh meat that is so sought after for the dinner table. 

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Salmon/Halibut Combo (Full Day):

This is a King (Chinook) or Silver (Coho) Salmon/Halibut combo. Based on timing the tides, you will fish for salmon along the coastline and halibut in the deeper waters of Cook Inlet.

Multiple Species (All Day):

This is a full day of fishing, targeting Halibut, Ling Cod, Rock Fish and Salmon. Capacity is up to 6 anglers.
Available July 1st - Aug 31st

** Plus applicable sales tax

Alaska Salmon River Fishing Expeditions

Alaskan salmon can be caught in either river areas or the saltwater inlets. There are certain Alaskan halibut charter seasons that salmon can also be caught.  Northern Pacific salmon are considered highly sought after fish during excursions. The taste of the cool saltwater from the Alaskan Gulf Coast combined with the fresh taste of salmon leaves many anglers seeking fishing charters to catch these sought after fish. 

In addition to the peaceful wildlife encounters on these excursions, an angler may even catch a glimpse of a moose or even a bear from time to time. In addition, one may encounter the many species of birds to include the possible bald eagle on our Alaska salmon fishing expeditions. These Alaska salmon charters combine the best of wildlife and fishing in one truly amazing adventure.   While the primary target is Salmon, it is not atypical to hook into a Rainbow Trout or feisty Dolly Varden Char.

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River Trip (Full Day):
This is a full day of fishing, targeting Salmon or Trout
Available mid-May through September

** Plus applicable sales tax