5 Benefits of Building an Online Company Store for Your Branded Merchandise


What is a company store?

A company store is a custom web store stocked only with your branded merchandise. From schools and sports teams to hotels and restaurants, company stores are becoming a popular way for many industries to provide a streamlined order process to their employees. Today, companies like Amazon set the standard for a user-friendly e-commerce experience, so the more friction you can reduce in the order process, the better! 

Here is a list of 5 benefits of starting a company store.


#1 Easy Ordering

An easy order process has become expected for all online stores. With company stores,   you can easily request information, get a quote, place an order, and view detailed product information or order history all in one place.   24/7 availability  so you can place an order at any time and each branch your business will be able to have their products shipped directly to their location. 

#2 Brand Image Control

Company stores allow you to implement your own branding guidelines.  From PANTONE® shades to font sizes, you have complete control on your brand image throughout the company store.  The products in your company store will also have consistent branding. You will love that products appear in their preferred brand color and preloaded with you current log.

#3 Complete Customization

Along with a clean design and navigation, a company store can be customized to match your branding. Company stores are equipped with fully customizable product information and photography, as well as an easy to use checkout system.  Design matters!

#4 Flexible Payment Options

Company stores are fully e-commerce enabled with flexible payment options, including credit cards, purchase order numbers, account credit and promo code support.  Stores also have an option to use a points system as an additional form of currency. If your company awards employees points for excellent performance, they can use their points to shop for what they want on the company store. You can also provide a FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post shipping charge integration.

#5 Mobile Friendly

People are constantly using multiple devices with different screen sizes and no one wants to be pinching and zooming in and out to make your website fit on their phone screen. It’s important for all online stores to be mobile responsive so they will adjust to different screen widths and give customers a seamless experience from their computer to their phone or tablet.

Check out this short video more for information:

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