About Us

The Barnett Company has been in business since 1980. We understand that if an item has your logo on it, it is representing you and your company. We want you to look good, so we believe in selling quality items at a reasonable price. We are a serviced based company, offering a higher level of customer service than our industry competitors. The Barnett Company uses a blend of creative marketing techniques with personal service to offer our clients the best overall promotional marketing experience. 

We have called  Baton Rouge, Louisiana home for generations but our clients stretch to all fifty states and beyond. We at The Barnett Company understand the unique challenge of marketing your brand in order to stand out from the crowd in the fast paced world of today. For decades we have been crafting personalized marketing solutions for our customers, everyone from small shops to Fortune 500 companies, we have done it all. 

Our clients are what makes The Barnett Company special. We have 30+ year relationships with dozens of clients, clients who, in some cases, have grown from a handful of employees to thousands strong during our time together. Clients who join us stick around and that says something about the service we at The Barnett Company offer. We represent industry leaders and hungry start-ups alike and with each client we take great care in crafting a marketing plan that will help further their individual brand interests. 

We provide promotional marketing items for hundreds of satisfied clients. The Barnett Company serves companies from The Fortune 500 to one man operations and we are happy to help anyone. Promotional items open lines of communication between businesses and their customers, drawing people in and making a client comfortable with a brand. Promotional marketing items have a lower cost per impression than almost any other comparable marketing strategy, making it a great value for advertising needs. Common promotional items include








Tech gadgets

Trade show display items

Name badges


Many more


These items help develop and maintain a brand image. We provide the absolute best products coupled with industry leading experience and customer service to make The Barnett Company the ideal promotional products vendor.