Kimberly Gibbs                                                                                                                                               

Kimberly Gibbs is a 25 year sales professional in the apparel and promotional products industries.  She was in management at specialty women’s apparel shops, major department stores and became the Director of Sales at the country’s largest embroidery facility before starting Blue Frog in 2004.  She has been the driving force of this well- known business for 10 years and looks forward to decades more of fun in this fast paced and exciting industry.  Her love of the Sales profession, being a natural people person and dedication to exceptional customer care were the motivating factors for her to create a woman owned business.  She comes by her entrepreneurial spirit honestly.  Her father, Bob best known as “Bubble Gum Bob” got her started at a very young age in the Vending business. Kimberly helped him out on weekends until she graduated high school and pursued her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Northern Kentucky University.   A creative and solutions based thinker, she emphasizes a consultative approach to managing the company and her customer relationships.   She is a team player and values her staff and sales consultants’ professional demeanor in pursuing client satisfaction.

 The business is not the only passion in her busy life.  Her husband Gregg and two boys keep her on the run.   When she is not at the office you could find her and Gregg traveling to Lions Club event.  Lions Clubs International is the largest service club in the world and Kimberly and Gregg are proud to be a member.   She also has a special interest in real estate – specifically in creative rehab of older homes that she has either lived in, purchased for renovation and resale or investment property.   Kimberly and Gregg both share a love of the physical work and restoration to maintain the original intent of each building’s amenities and architecture.  On top of all that, there is her love of family style cooking.    While the Gibbs’ are active and on the go, they and their two sons always share evening dinner and explore new recipes frequently.   If there is an event that involves food you can bet Kimberly will be there.

Kimberly’s enthusiastic motto for her growing business is “We leap above and beyond…! and that is  commitment she hopes is shown throughout all areas of  her company.