Our marketing efforts involved two distinct problems, a unique delivery system, and target audience with radically different information requirements: physicians and patients. Blue Dimension's healthcare expertise was invaluable in producing effective, multi-component communications for a complex and sensitive market.
– Jim Kaczkowski, Manager of Marketing Services, Clintec Nutrition Company, Affiliated with Baxter Healthcare Corporation and Nestle’ S.A.

Clintec entered a joint venture to serve HIV+ patients through a program providing nutrition assessment and comprehensive, ongoing support for all stages of HIV disease, including home delivery of specialized nutrition products and therapies. Blue Dimension developed a creative strategy for communicating product program benefits to physicians and educating patient about nutrition and HIV disease.

Clintec’s products and program have been successfully introduced in three major markets, with expansion plans for many more.

Services Rendered:
Strategic Marketing Communications Plan / Program Brand Identity / Integrated Program Launch / Direct Response / Sales Promotion / Marketing Materials / Complete Program Implementation & Management