For standard orders our current maximum turnaround time from items being received on our production floor is:

8 days

Please see the following recommendations:

Quoted apparel: Our turnaround time is as above in blue. This projection is relevant to items once they are received in production. Our team always works to the agreed 'in-hands' date.

We recommend looking to have a final order placed with us 4 or more weeks prior to your desired in-hands date. This will allow sufficient time so that we can source the most suitable inventory from different areas around the country.

Catalog Apparel orders: (Department heads with Coupa access): We are ordering items every Monday. Please plan on receiving items within:

14 to 21 days 

Athletics/Club/Spirit Programs: All orders dropped off by Thursday at noon are currently being scheduled for decoration:

Early the following week

Our team will always work with you to discuss when items are required for, particularly concerning a specific event or need. When working on a quote we ask that you provide us an event date, and an in-hands date.