Best Path for:

- Apparel orders of less than 25 item 

- Where you are looking to use artwork or GCU logos that already exist

- Where our catalog options have the type of item you require (Please check: Self-Pay Catalogue | Coupa for Dept Leader Orders)

Action Steps:

1) Please call 602 639 7882 or email us at 

2) Please outline the type of apparel you are looking for and the specific need for the item (event, general promo activity, etc)

3) Our team will typically follow up within 24 hours to begin assisting you

4) Our team will provide all the support need to process the order from start to finish


Please click here for ordering options where artwork needs developing or the assistance of the marketing team is required.

Should you have any questions please feel free to call or email us:

602 639 7882 |