Captain Notepad Inc

Custom Notepads and All Your Marketing Material

Do you need a custom notepad for your business, social group, or as a gift? Captain Notepad stocks a range of unique printed notepads for all your promotional and note taking needs: 

For Business: In Business, it's important to stand out! Get your business name and logo on the desk of potential clients with custom Notepads from Captain Notepad. Everyone uses business cards or postcards to get the attention of clients and customers, but you could stand out from the crowd with your own set of custom notepads. With discounts for bulk orders and a range of designs to suit your branding, custom notepads could soon be in the hands of your customers and clients. We even offer a selection of custom notepads designed especially for the real estate sector. 

For Home: Need a shopping list that won't accidentally get thrown out with the trash? Our magnetic notepads can be stuck to the fridge door for an instant and easy reminder.

For Clubs and Societies: Does your club or society frequently send out mailings? Do you want a more professional look for your promotional materials? Do you want to create different sets of stationery for various roles within the club? Custom notepads can give your club a professional image and help you stay on top of the organizational duties. 

Customized notepads have numerous uses throughout the home. Why not get a few notepads printed with your child's artwork to give away as Christmas gifts? What about creating different pads for chores around the home to help you stay organized? Custom notepads can help your children keep their homework neat and tidy, and enable teenagers to leave you a note. 

Captain Notepads offer a full range of custom notepads for every purpose under the sun. From our elegant standard customized notepads, through to our die cut custom notepads, adhesive notepads, and eco-friendly custom notepads.

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