Promotional Products Management

Promotional Product Management Platform

Once we help you find the ideal promotional products, we take it a step further and can manage every aspect of your program. We understand that the cost to manage promotional products can far exceed the cost of the promotional product itself.

That's where we shine.  Our goal is to automate and reduce the management costs.  Our robust web portal will connect all your cost centers, marketing managers, and requestors on central platform.

Our services streamline the ordering, distribution, and billing of promotional products. Buyers, managers, and all decision-makers gain visibility and control while not having to manage ordering and distribution. Our central platform does it all.

• Reduce procurement costs
• Control distribution
• Manage rollouts, tradeshows, sales & marketing campaigns and special events.
• Track all real-time activity with complete visibility and reporting
• Monthly billing by cost center to reduce your A/P costs. One detailed invoice per month.
• Dedicated, experienced support staff to manage the on-boarding and daily activities.
• We drive efficiencies at every stage of the promotional product management
• Let us manage your promotional product supply chain requirements while you gain control over costs and efficiencies.

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