the diversity intersection


Welcome to The Diversity Advisors and the Diversity Intersection Podcast apparel site

1. The Diversity Advisors is our minority women-owned consulting firm with a consortium of Diversity Advisors. We utilize our expertise and knowledge to help our clients enhance their understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We help our clients develop and/or enhance their overall DEI strategic plans including training develop and consulting services for workforce, community, and supplier diversity. Click Here ( to learn more about the services we provided.

2. The Diversity Intersection Podcast focus is to look at diversity through the lens of multiple intersections that are impacting inclusion and diversity. Intersectionality is not just one thing our one group; it’s multi-dimensional issues about race, class, gender, gender-identify, workforce diversity and supplier diversity. We explore these intersectionality’s and many other topics where systemic change can have an impact. Click Here ( to learn more and listen to our podcast.


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