Breed-specific Animals from USA Stock Custom-imprinted

2019 Douglas Promotional Plush Catalog

Fast Turnaround, Low Minimums (250 minimum)

While DOUGLAS offers fully custom plush designs, our "Stock Customization" ordering process is fast, simple, and a tremendous value. Simply select one of the Breed-specific Plush Animals from our product catalog. Then we will custom imprint a bandanna, t-shirt, or collar with your message or logo. See examples of these Branded Plush Animal options.

  • Over 400 stock designs, all available in our online catalog
  • Several Custom Imprinting Options
  • Animals are also available “blank” without imprinting or branding
  • Fast Turnaround (typically 10-15 days)
  • Low Minimums (as low as 250 pieces)

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DOUGLAS can quickly create a personalized company mascot from any of our from stock designs — view the catalog to see some examples.

Examples of Our Work

A personal messenger for any occasion! With decades of experience, we’ve amassed a large list of clients and a tremendous portfolio of custom work. Examples and virtual samples are always available upon request — please contact us. If you need plush animals right away for an event or a trade show, we still stock over 400 stock breed-specific animals, including: Dog and Cat Breeds, Wildlife, Farm Animals, Horses, Sea Life, Jungle Animals, and even Teddy Bears! Most can be branded and shipped in 10-15 business days.