SANDRA BORUTSKI: OWNER & ACCOUNT MANAGER: Sandra is co-founder and owner of EnviroBottles (aka EB Promo) and is responsible for the day to day office operations, as well as works in sales and customer relations at EB Promo. Sandra has 12 years of experience in the promotional product business and has been self-employed since 1989, with experience in both brick and mortar retail stores and E-Commerce. Sandra invests much of her time attending to the needs of corporate clients and maintaining their employee E-Stores and Service Award programs. Sandra enjoys building relationships with the many clients she serves and dedicates her time to ensuring that EB Promo exceeds the expectations of those who put their trust in their services. When not tending to the demands of running a successful business, Sandra enjoys music, kayaking, hiking and enjoying the beautiful Ottawa Valley. However, her favourite, and most cherished time, is spent with her husband, children and grandchildren.



STAN BORUTSKI: OWNER & SALES MANAGER: Stan is co-owner of EB Promo and has been involved with the business since its inception in 2008. Stan has worked in the retail sector for over 40 years and his main area of expertise is in sales and logistics. Stan loves the social aspect of the business and enjoys hitting the road and catching up with the folks he has met along the way. Stan’s interests are linked to anything outdoors. He can be found with his camera, his 4-wheeler, and his dog, enjoying what life around home has to offer. His family is his greatest joy and he is happiest when they are all around, so he can share his love of the great outdoors with them.



LINDSAY BECHAMP: ACCOUNT MANAGER: Lindsay spent 16 years working full time in social services before joining the team at EB Promo. She brings her love of people to this job through relationship building and attention to detail. Lindsay is not only passionate about people, but the planet as well and, when working with her clients, she encourages the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly promo products when that option is available. Lindsay’s passion for all things eco has spilled over into, an online store she has co-founded, where all the products sold are plastic free and support waste-less living, while being practical, safe and ethical. Together with her husband and three children, Lindsay is on a journey to waste-less and raise environmental awareness. Lindsay is also committed to volunteering in her community and has been involved in a variety of initiatives and events that support women and children impacted by violence.




JASON SZABO: IT MANAGER: Jason is our Mr. Fix It when it comes to anything IT or website related. Jason has been with us since the beginning in 2008. He has built our websites, done troubleshooting, (always with a quick fix), answered our questions and concerns - day or night - and generally speaking has kept our website presence up and running smoothly. Jason is a team player whose creative and technical skills are much appreciated by each one of us at EB Promo.



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