Inventory & Distribution


Inventory and Distribution 


Focus on your customers instead of your supply closet.


You ordered the hats, banners, pamphlets and presentation folders. Now where do you store them and how can you get them quickly when needed? Replace overflowing office storage with dedicated space at our warehouse facilities, where we can track exactly what and how many promotional items you have. We securely manage everything from printed materials and apparel to office furniture, trade show booths and pop-up environments. Simplify your brand item storage and fulfillment for good. With office space costs rising each year, free up space by having Garbo Graphics manage your entire suite of marketing products. You’ll have the ability to order all of your products exactly when you need them. 


Ask us to: 


  • Store promotional and seasonal materials
  • Track distribution and inventory
  • Free up valuable office space
  • Hold onto old materials during branding updates
  • Manage onboarding items for new employees
  • Store campus and temporary environment set-ups