Supply chain issues are everywhere. For small suppliers, global leaders like Amazon, and every business in between, the lack of access to raw materials compacted by the spike in consumer demand and COVID-19 - and the subsequent shipping needs to feed the demand – has created a strain to meet customer expectations across industries.

We are making moves every day to deliver to our customers through this challenging landscape.


Steps We Have Taken

We have placed purchase orders for inventory that exceed our forecasted sales. While we are overpreparing in inventory, these purchases are impacted by the broken supply chain and their arrival to us has been delayed.  We are taking this opportunity to provide transparent communication to our customers, so together we can make good choices and fulfill your needs.


What You Need to Know


At BSN, we are your consultant, not your "order taker".  Here's what that means:


  • There are key fracture points in the supply chain that will undoubtedly affect order fulfillment:
    • International COVID Impacts (factory shutdowns and labor shortages)
    • Shipping Delays (lack of ships, containers, and heavily trafficked routes)
    • Raw material needs (demand on materials like steel that affect hardgoods)
  • These fractures will affect hardgoods and apparel collectively.
  • BSN is prepared with inventory solutions:
    • While we have a leading inventory position in the market, that inventory will leave our shelves fast.  What can you do?  Order as early as possible.
    • Our undecorated, in-stock products are shipping in 2-3 days; however overseas and third-party products may be at risk.  We will communicate anticipated ship dates as accurately as we can.  Contact your sales pro with firm in-hand dates when applicable.
    • Our team is here to help navigate possible impacts to your orders and provide information on alternative products as needed to make sure you have things when you need them.  When our team provides these to you, alternative options are the most deliverable options. 


  Explore the Options

While the strain on supply chain will not be easy, we will always have substitutions available in unmatched capacity. Our team will work with you to provide alternative options that hit the mark.  Please reach out to your Sales Pro to work through your event and company needs, especially those that are time-sensitive.  We appreciate all our customers' flexibility and understanding.  Know that we are working FOR you each and every day.


Thank you,




The BSN Team