While there are 30,000+ salespeople and internet sites marketing promotional items and clothing, the companies behind them vary significantly. With GreatGifts4u, you get:




Extensive Experience

This industry - with no barriers to entry or licensing or marketing education required - is  rampant with new, inexperienced start ups.  We and our strategic partners bring 20 years experience each in the areas of branded merchandise programs including marketing, selection, sourcing, order management, packaging, distribution and technology. 

A Partner

We don't put a catalog in front of our clients and ask, "What do you want to buy?"  We take a much more consultative approach, asking questions to understand their mission, message, individual target audience, intended use, event theme, and objectives. Using this information, we provide custom-tailored creative advice and  solutions for them. Our goal is for our clients to view us an extension of their marketing team.


Reliability & Responsiveness

You have too many responsibilities for this one area to take up significant time or cause significant hassle. When you turn to a company as a resource, you want your emails and phone messages returned promptly. When you are operating on a timeline, you want the project done right and when promised. Should an issue occur, you want it resolved quickly. In short, you want to work with professionals who will provide an uncommon level of service and support from beginning to end

Turnkey Programs

It can be time-consuming and logistically-challenging to coordinate multiple service providers. We simplify project management for our clients by offering a central point of contact and turnkey promotional programs. These include a wide range of services such as design, merchandising, management, online stores and fulfillment

Industry Knowledge & Expertise

So that we can provide expert advice, we are active in industry associations. We attend industry shows and conferences and read multiple monthly publications and newsletters. We keep abreast of new trends, regulations, products, and technology so that our clients don't have to. 

A Results Orientation

We aren't interested in one-time sales or thousands of customers. We are a boutique firm preferring long-term relationships with a select number of clients. We know that if we can provide advice and solutions that improve response and results for our clients, they will return to us and refer their colleagues as well. 


Who are you going to trust with your brand image, important relationships and special events?

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